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Congrats girl, you're engaged!! Let the wedding planning begin! There are lots of details to start considering and plenty of work to be done, but one of the best parts of the whole process is having your best gals (or guys!) by your side. So how will you pop the question? We’ve helped by gathering a few unique and creative ways to ask your maids!

1. Give JOY! Who doesn’t need a little French macaron action in their life? JOY Macarons is a specialty bakery in Dallas, Texas that handcrafts small batches of French macarons. They're light, delicious and perfect just the way they are, but let’s take it a step further and customize! For DIY brides, Michael’s sells an edible metallic candy paint that would be perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to the top of each macaron.

PHOTO |  JOY Macarons

PHOTO | JOY Macarons

2.     Thanks for the memories! Parabo Press offers a customizable accordion fold zine that can display 14 different photos, so scroll through that Facebook timeline and Instagram feed and select the best photos that sum up your friendship. The zine is a great option to show your bridesmaid that you really took time to think of them and create something special that will last.

PHOTO |  Personal Wine

3.     Ladies Night! This last idea is more of an experience and has two main components: dinner reservations and wine. First step, grab a great bottle of wine and design a personalized label. It's easier than you think! Personal Wine has so many great options for creating a customized label. You can select a photo, add text, and even have the bottle engraved with a message for each bridesmaid. Etsy has pre-made labels for wine or beer bottles and they are super cute! The second step is to plan dinner for your friend(s) and bring the bottle! If you go out to a restaurant, ask the waiter to serve the bottle as an added surprise!

We're pretty sure all of these options would put a smile on any bridesmaid’s face and have them thinking you’re creative AF. Go ahead and check "Ask Bridesmaids" off your wedding to do list! 





It's engagement season and we're so freakin' excited for all the new brides and grooms out there! If you're in Dallas, come meet us at the Swoon Event on January 28th! We can talk floral designs, planning dilemmas, or just say hello! You can get your tickets here and hurry because they always sell out!
xo, Megan + Caitlin

After a proposal from your fiancé, the most important question you will ever ask is, "Will you be my bridesmaid/man?" While you can go a more conservative approach and ask your squad all at once say over brunch, we believe in making every moment of your wedding experience magical. So let's pop some champagne and roll out the carpet, it's time to wow your gang.

Photo |   Petite 25

Photo | Petite 25

If your friends are anything like mine, they won't turn down sweets. So tuck your proposal inside sugary confections like these hot pink fortune cookies or pie in a jar!

Photo |  The Party Posse

Get literal and pop the question using a balloon. Stash your secret question inside a balloon and blow your bridesmaids away!

If your friends would be sorted into Ravenclaw, try a puzzle or riddle for your proposal. Nothing says, "I'd love to stand next to you at the alter" quite like a completed 50 piece puzzle. You can even customize the puzzle to include a picture of you + your fiancee or you and the friend you are courting.

Go more traditional and create a custom package for your bridesmaids/groomsman. You can even use the items in the package to reveal your wedding theme, colors, or venue location.

Photo | Stamped Macarons from  Etsy

Photo | Stamped Macarons from Etsy

For all the sassy maids [and men], you can't go wrong with these witty macaroons and cards! How will you ask your crew? 

Card |  C  atch22 Cards