When you think wedding gifts, you think registries, hand mixers and the good china. But, the bride and groom aren’t only ones that should be showered with nice things on their wedding day, bridal parties deserve a gift just as much as the couple. Now hear me out! While couples aren’t required to get their bridal parties presents, maybe they should be. More than likely, your wedding party has lent a hand and more than a few hours to your big day (and the many event days leading up to it), and thank you gifts are a thoughtful way to show gratitude.

Now don’t take this to mean that you have to go out buy the most expensive gift you can find, more than likely your bridal party will love any token of appreciation. You can even make your gifts, but this may be more trouble than it’s worth depending on your wedding timeline. If you’re unsure of what to look for during your gift search, keep in mind these two questions: Is it thoughtful (Does this make sense for the person I’m buying it for)? and Is it practical (Will they be able to use this gift on or after my wedding day)? If you can answer yes to either or both of these questions, then you’ve got a great gift!

Need some inspiration? Well, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gifts for everyone on your wedding party shopping list and wouldn’t mind being in more than a few of these lucky bridal parties, just sayin'.


Gifts For Each Other

Some couples choose to exchange gifts on the day of their wedding. Be it something to wear on the big day or a tear-jerking letter, it’s a great way to set the tone and share a moment before the ceremony. These gifts can be given during the first look or exchanged via bridesmaid and groomsmen while the couple gets ready.


Last Name Initial Necklace

Favorite Snack Pack

Photo Credit |  Jeff & Michele Weddings

Heart Felt Letter

Statement Earrings

Shop |  BHLD

Shop | BHLD


Reasons I Love You

Boudoir Pictures

Shop |  flipchap

Shop | flipchap

Engraved Cuff Links


Photo Credit |  Alex Thornton Photography

Bridal Party Gifts

Bridal party gifts are fairly common and are a way to give back to some of your favorite people! Gifts don’t have to extravagant and can even be practical gifts that they can wear on the day, either way your bridal party will appreciate you thinking of them.


Intergalactic Make Up Bag

Face Full of Masks

Shop |  Patchology

Shop | Patchology

Cranky Coffee Cup

Shop |  Steven Rhodes

Dainty Rings


Beard Care Kit

Shop |  Herbivore

Shop | Herbivore

Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Shop |  IntraSStudio

Shaving Kit

Shop |  Gentlemen Jon

Custom Yeti Koozie Mugs

Flower Girl

Their Very Own Book

Shop |  ISeeMeBooksUS

Name Plate Bracelet

Personalized Puzzle

Shop |  GladTwo

Shop | GladTwo

Sequin Pillow

Ring Bearer

Lego Look Alike

Shop |  willyouWireme

Monogrammed Suspenders

Custom Crayons

The Coolest Ring Security Uniform



Parent gifts are a an opportunity to thank your parents and in-laws for all they’ve done for you. Not just with wedding planning or chipping in financially, but for getting you this far in life. Plus, they are responsible for raising your favorite person and that’s definitely something to be thankful for. And though, this is directed towards parents, this can be applied to found/chosen families or anyone one who’s played a big role in your life.


A Hanky That Will Create & Dry Your Tears

Photo Credit |  A Sea of Love

Photo Credit | A Sea of Love

Post Wedding Wine Rack

Family Recipe Cutting Board

Sentimental Picture Frame

Shop |  EGCreativeCo


Specialty Tie

Message Socks

Shop |  GroomSocks

Shop | GroomSocks

Grill Master Apron

Shop |  Mark & Graham

Fishing Keychain


Thanks, But No Thanks

If you’ve gotten to the end of the list and still haven’t found the perfect gift, below are a few options for gifts that are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Pre-made (or customizable) gift boxes are the prefect way to give without reinventing the wheel. *By the way this is not sponsored, we’re just big fans!

The Knack Shop is gift box building site where you can add or subtract from pre-made gift boxes tailored to nearly any interest anyone has ever had. Ever. Seriously.

Shop |  Knack Shop

Shop | Knack Shop

The Party Shop Co. is an Etsy shop that handcrafts more traditional wedding party gift boxes. They’re all glitter and monogram galore and we love it.

Everything Decorated also features gift boxes, but with more rustic and masculine options. If you’re looking for engraved wood and leather, they’ve got you covered.