We've got an extra sweet treat for you today on the blog! Today we're talking to Oak Cliff based Kessler Pie Co. about all things pie! As many of you know, I'm a pie gal. Give me a bride who wants to serve pie at her wedding instead of cake and I'm in heaven.  Naturally, when I met these lovely folks at The Big Fake Wedding is past March, I was obsessed! They handed out the most delicious pies in a jar and we had the best time chatting before the show started. This sweet group of ladies is hosting a giveaway today for Celebrate Colorfully followers! Read along and get to know the ladies behind the pies at Kessler Pie Co.

1.     What are five words (or a 5 word sentence) that would describe you and/or your company the best?

Honestly better than the rest! 

2.    How’d you get into the industry?

Armida Ortega pies are to good to just keep in the family! Kessler Pies Co was started by a trio of ladies who quiet frankly love to bake and eat.  Armida Ortega, Miriam Ortega and Deborah Cano. We have catered and hosted events for over 20 years; however, Kessler Pie Co. was officially launched in 2015. We simply wanted to share our mothers talent.

3.   Why should couples opt for pie bars over wedding cakes?

Couples should opt for pie bars because they are unique in design in presentation, and eliminated all the struggle of plates, forks, ect. Our pies in a jar double as a wedding gift as well! It's a creative, custom made sweet, & delectable sentiment from Kessler Pie Co!

4.   What are your favorite local hangouts?

Our favorite local hang outs after a long day of baking would be Lockhart and Ten Bells Tavern, Barbara's Pavillion is our fav! 

5.   What are your favorite pie flavors?

Our pies our kinda like our kids we can't favor one because we love them all!

All photos from  Kessler Pie Co.

All photos from Kessler Pie Co.

Kessler Pie Co. will be giving away a breakfast pie, lunch pie and dessert pie pack! Head over to their Instagram for more details!



PHONE | 469.877.6800

EMAIL | kesslerpies@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM | @kesslerpieco

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