When a couple gets engaged, one of the hundreds of decisions they will make before the big day is, do they want an unplugged wedding, where the photographer and videographer are the only ones aloud with a camera, or do they want their guests to be able take pictures and post them to social media sites for everyone to see their perspective of the night? If they chose to go with the second option, then the most trendy way to do so is by creating a #hashtag! 

A hashtag can be used in captions and posts the second a couple gets engaged, and social media sites, like Instagram, will store all the pictures posted with that hashtag! So moments captured from events like the proposal, the bridal shower, the various other parties and, of course, the wedding will be available to the couple and friends to see as they please! What an awesome idea! 

Photo |  Kelly Sparks

Photo | Kelly Sparks

Personally,  our favorites are the hashtags that uses the couples new last name in a clever way. Some of cute examples are:

  1. #soontobesmith
  2. #baebecomesbay (and for those of you that don't know, "bae" is a term that stands for "before anything else" and is a nickname used in contexts of your significant other)
  3. #happilyhernandez
  4. #downfordavis
  5. #paxtonpartyof2

Of course, some of the hashtags will be used by multiple people, but it should be the couples goal to be original! Do some research! Once you think of one you like, search it and see if someone else has used it! If a hashtag you are in love with has been used, try adding a number to it to make it new again! This should be a creative and exciting way to begin the next steps of the wedding process! 

So... if you, or someone you know, plan on using a hashtag for your wedding, have fun with it! Get punny! Try to keep it simple! But most importantly.... Spread the word! Use the hashtag wherever you can! At the wedding on decor or menu, on the save-the-dates, or on the wedding website; all are great places to put your awesome hashtag to remind people to use it! 

Feel free to share this week's blog and comment with any of your favorite hashtags to help others get ideas for their new hashtag! Your friends here at Celebrate Colorfully wish you a great week and we hope you check back next week for more!