Capturing beautifully curated images of your wedding that tell a story of love and laughter is always the goal of Morgan Chidsey at A Sea of Love. With her undeniable passion for photography and her exquisite attention to detail, Morgan couples her love of fashion with her adoration of love itself to bring you a collection of images that prove to be breathtaking time and time again. Celebrate Colorfully has worked with A Sea of Love on both styled shoots and weddings and we continue to obsess over their work! We recently had the chance to sneak a moment with Morgan to bring you behind-the-scenes scoop on the lovely lady behind the camera!


What are five words to describe your business and/or style?

Truthful, Romantic, Moody, Emotional, Bliss

How did you get into the industry?

I decided in 2010 to leave business school and on a whim chose to go to Books Institute for advertising photography, the best decision I have ever made! After graduating, I still wanted a full-time job in the industry, but after 1 year as a photographer for an e-commerce website, I quickly realized being freelance was the path I needed to be on in order to be more fulfilled. I have now owned my own company for a little over 2 years, and I am so fortunate that I am able to capture my two favorite things, fashion + love!  

What would be your dream destination assignment? 

Shooting a look-book or editorial for a major brand whose aesthetic is naturally my own as well. We would be shooting at a sick on-location spot, one with amazing textures and vantage points; along-side a dream team that flows beautifully with the most incredible muse, probably pale, freckled, and Ireland. 

What gives you ideas and inspiration to create such beautiful images and stories? 

With the love stories, it is the lovers themselves.  I really try and feed off the couple's vibe and try to capture their love.  I think it is so so special for a couple to be able to see just how truly beautiful and inspiring their love is... the looks, the smiles, and hugs, and all of the kisses! All the feels!

What is one of your proudest moments thus far for yourself and/or A Sea of Love as a whole?

My proudest moment for A Sea of Love is not just a single achievement. I honestly feel the most proud in this very moment.  I am so lucky to now work and capture along side my love, Blake, and with this dynamic things are falling into place in a way I never even imagined.  We are connecting with more and more couples whose style and aesthetic effortlessly fit our own and we are able to travel around the country to celebrate and capture love.  I feel like I need to be pinched all the time and I just hope this continues on.  

What is a goal that you have yet to achieve? Along the same lines, where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I have yet to document an elopement! As I am a girl who does not want a wedding herself and just wants to be married to the love of my life. I would love love to be apart of another couple's intimate day.. just the two of them, surrounded by naturing, sharing their vows, their love.. ah! <3  In five years I envision us back in California where my photography dreams all began, just continuing on with all we have now and being joyous!

Favorite guilty pleasure? 

I watch some pretty silly shows...Keeping up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, WAGS... I know..The Bachelor and The Bachelorette...mindless stuff at the bottom of the screen while I am editing is just needed! 


From moody look-books to organically romantic engagement sessions, Morgan has the talent, knowledge and eye to capture it all. Take a moment to browse through just some of our recent collaborations with A Sea of Love; Taylor + Collin, Paul Bunyon Inspired Shoot, and Bethany + Matt. Follow their stunning Instagram page to keep up with their new work! We know that you will absolutely fall in love one of our most loved photographers!

P.S. This lovely #girlboss has just opened her own Dallas studio in partnership with Alli K Design and we could not be more proud of them! Check out @thecuratedcoop for more info!

All photos from A Sea of Love