Happy Wednesday everyone! As the first day of school is quickly approaching and the kid's summers are coming to an end, here at Celebrate Colorfully, we are settling into a new studio space and getting ready for our exciting new workshops

Unlike the previous blog, Wedding Trends | Hashtags, this weeks post will focus on the option of going "unplugged" at weddings! 

With the presence of phones and cameras becoming such a normality, some couples are opting to have an "unplugged wedding." That means no phones. No cameras. No video recordings. That's right! Some couples are asking you put. away. your. devices! The thought behind it is, they would prefer their friends and family be more focused on the celebration of marriage and love rather than watching through the screen of your device. This also allows your wedding photographer to get those perfect pictures without inference from phones and other devices. Most couples choose to implement the unplugged rule from the beginning of the ceremony until after the first dance. After that... it's free game for those selfies! 

If this is something that sparks your interest, we have a few tips for you! 

1. Start by becoming dedicated to your decision. Inform your family and close friends that this is something that you want for your wedding, and that it means a lot to you. If they know being unplugged is important to you, it will be important to them. Also, tell your photographer about this decision... most photographers will be excited about it!

2. Make a sign for the entry of your ceremony. The majority of your guests will not be aware that you have chosen to have an unplugged wedding. Creating a sign , such as the one above or many ideas found on Pinterest, can be an effective way to inform your guests. Plus, it's another decoration! How fun! The best place to put this sign, framed picture, or any other idea you have, is by the front door so guests see it right as the enter the ceremony venue. 

3. Ask the officiant to remind your guests before the ceremony vows begin. Pretty simple! If the guests did not see the sign, or didn't think you were "serious" about it, having the officiant remind everyone to please put away all devices is an easy way to enforce the unplugged ceremony!

4. Put a reminder at the bottom of the program! Almost every guest that attends a wedding, picks up or is handed a program for the ceremony. Putting a short reminder similar to the sign at the door at the bottom of the program is another way you could stress how serious you are about no devices! 

Unplugged or not... we are sure your wedding is going to be great! We hope these tips are something you find useful and implement them throughout your special day! Wishing you a colorful rest of your week! :) 

Photos from Wiler Photography