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We use them everyday and hardly think about them at all. But at weddings, a well-crafted sign can not only provide necessary information about the day/couple but, also evoke incredible emotion from your guests. 

Custom Signage|  Remember November Inc

Custom Signage| Remember November Inc

Signs are an example of the 'ooh, ahhhs, and oh-yeah's' that help move a wedding from good to great. So, we've gathered our favorite ideas on how to use signage (whether witty or sweet) on your big day.  

1. Arrival/Parking

Much like other events (think graduations, parties, concerts) finding your way around --or even to-- a wedding can be an unnecessary stress for guests. Use signs leading up to and inside of your venue to help keep guests on the right track. 

Photography |  Christopher Nolan  

Photography | Christopher Nolan 

Photography|  A  manda Perkins   / via

Photography| Amanda Perkins / via

You can also use signage to preview your day and/or your bridal party with your guests.

2. Ceremony

In the ceremony space signs can help set the tone for your day. Let everyone know what a great day you've got planned. 

3. Reception Programming: Schedule + Seating

Even if guests aren't assigned seats, everyone will need one to eat. 

Photography |     Becca Lea

Photography | Becca Lea

4.  Decor: The Bar/Cocktail Hour, Reception and/or Ceremony Space

Signs don't have to be limited to directions or logistics. Consider using signs to jazz up your reception space. Decorate the bar with signs or share your wedding hashtags!

Photography |  Laura Murray  

Photography | Laura Murray 

Photography |  Lovers of Love   Venue/Caterer |  Temecula Creek Inn   Event Coordinator |  Michelle Garibay Events

Photography | Lovers of Love 
Venue/Caterer | Temecula Creek Inn
Event Coordinator | Michelle Garibay Events

5. Departure

Take this time to send your guest off with a gift, a thank you, or even a prayer for safe travels.

Calligrapher:|  Outside The Bloom

Calligrapher:| Outside The Bloom

Calligraphy |  Ellie + Ace

Calligraphy | Ellie + Ace

Signs, like weddings, can come big or small, the most important thing to remember is what goes on it should be your call! Use humor or hymns, the choice is all yours. And if you're in the market for a calligrapher may we (kindly but, also seriously) suggest Stephanie over at Ellie + Ace. She's a member of The Coterie family and does amazing work!


How To | Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day


How To | Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day

Are you having an outdoor wedding and does the possibility of rain on your big day make you nervous? You don’t have to be! Although most brides cringe at the thought of rain on their wedding day, rain is not only a sign of good luck, it also gives you the opportunity to include some unique elements in your day.

We already know that you'll be obsessively checking the daily forecast leading up to your wedding, so we want to make sure you are well prepared in case Mother Nature decides to sprinkle a little luck on your marriage! Here are some tips to help prepare for a stress free rainy wedding day:

1. Have a Plan B Layout

Outdoor weddings are gorgeous and they can still be gorgeous on a rainy day. Ask your venue if they have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. If they don’t, research tent rentals in your area just in case. You don’t want to panic and be rushed trying to find one the week of your wedding. Clear tents allow you to embrace your surroundings including the raindrops. White tents are simple and classic. 

Photo |  Heather Waraksa

2. Wearing Wellies

Walking down the aisle in heels can be nerve wracking. Add in the rain and you've got a stressful situation. Find some fun rain boots for you and your bridal party to wear to help keep your feet comfortable and safe! There are so many colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

Photo |  Into the Light

3. Keeping Your Guests Dry

You and your guests will want to stay dry on your special day so why not use umbrellas as favors?! The clear umbrellas are stunning, especially for pictures, but you can also get creative and incorporate your wedding colors. Umbrellas are perfect for a bright or rainy day!

Photo |  Michelle Shore

4. Frizz-free Hairstyle

If your hair gets frizzy when it’s humid or wet, ask your stylist to give you a hairstyle that keeps your hair as frizz-free as possible. There are so many styles to choose from whether you have short, medium, or long hair.

Photo |  Brittrene Photo

5. Talk to Your Photographer

Ask your photographer if they have experience shooting in the rain. Photographers can make your day look absolutely amazing even on rainy and gloomy days. Don't be afraid to get a little damp! 

Photo |  Sunlit Studios

6. Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a wedding coordinator is one of the best investments you'll make for your special day. Rain or shine, wedding planners have experienced it all. Save yourself time and stress by letting your wedding planner do the hard work.

Although you can't control the weather, you can prepare yourself for it. The good thing about rainy weddings is the coziness and intimacy it can bring to your wedding. What have you done to prepare for a rainy wedding day?


Top 5 | Celebrity Wedding Gowns


Top 5 | Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Celebrities have easy access to some of fashions leading designers, both ready-to-wear and bridal. Designers absolutely love for public icons to wear their creations, especially on their wedding day seeing as all eyes are on these Hollywood leading ladies! While the fashion and dress styles vary from one celebrity bride to the next, there have been some absolutely stunning and exquisite dresses in the past few years worn by actresses, singers, and so forth. From classic long sleeve lace dresses to stylish high-low embellished dresses, below are five of our favorite celebrity wedding gowns from recent years! Take a look as you research your perfect fairytale dress!

Photos |  OK Magazine

Photos | OK Magazine

Hilary Duff looked absolutely stunning in her Vera Wang blush silk and tulle mermaid style gown. Her teased high bun was the perfect compliment to her bare neckline and the body hugging yet soft and natural nature of the fabrics enhanced her grace and gorgeousness.

Kim Kardashian worked intimately with designer Riccardo Tisci, creative designer of Givenchy, to create her one of a kind long sleeve lace dress for her wedding with Kanye West. Givenchy also designed Kanye's tuxedo for the big day and the pair looked marvelous. Kim's long straight styled hair and dramatic long veil were a perfect fit for their extravagant wedding ceremony set in front of a wall of roses in Florence, Italy.

Photo |  John Dolan

Kate Bosworth stunned in Oscar De La Renta as she chose a very minimalistic and understated yet breathtaking dress with clean lines, soft movement, and an all around airy yet statuesque composition. From the dress to her simple hair and makeup, Kate was Hollywood bridal royalty.

Whitney Eve Port, originally from MTV's The Hills reality show and now owner of her own clothing line, opted for a high-low beaded embellished Ashi Studio dress full of style and personality. Her peep-toe stiletto booties were to die for and her unique undone hair style alluded to her appreciation of comfortable yet chic timeless style.

Photos |  Suzanne Delawar

Gabrielle Union was absolutely gorgeous and flawless in her Denis Basso sweetheart neckline ball gown for her wedding to NBA superstar Dwayne Wade. With a low back, cinched waistline and full skirt, she looked sexy, sweet, and sophisticated.

In researching some of our favorite top celebrity dresses, we saw so many beautiful gowns and such a wide variety of styles. No matter your style or budget, there is a perfect gown for you, with your name written on it! For brides in the DFW metroplex, check out our blog post on the Top 5 Local Bridal Boutiques if you are currently searching for your wedding day dress. Also, if you are like us, dancing is a priority and we've also found some of the the best dancing shoes to wear with that perfect dress. Comment on this post to let us know what you think or to share your favorite celebrity wedding gown! We hope that you enjoyed this weeks blog post and stay tuned daily to all of our social media sites for more from the lovely world of Celebrate Colorfully!



How To | Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Day


How To | Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Day

So your wedding researching is underway and if you're like the other 91% of brides who browse online for wedding inspiration, then you certainly have come across hundreds of unique ways to personalize your big day. From the music that you request be featured to the colors you use throughout your décor, there are several details of a wedding that make it something very special and true to your style. 

Jillian Chopin, from Celebrate Colorfully, has put together some of her favorite personalization ideas to help you add a little sparkle throughout your day. Keep reading to find out more!

Meet the Wedding Party |
Weddings bring together all of your closest friends and family that you know very well; however, they may not all know each other at all. Therefore, including a few fun and unique facts about each wedding party member in the program is a special way to showcase those who are joining you in celebration of your big day! After all, your guests may not know that you went to kindergarten with your maid of honor and that the best man auditioned for American Idol!

Photo |  A Sea of Love        Design |  Gypset Creative

Photo | A Sea of Love       Design | Gypset Creative

Love Letters to Your Parents |
What a special way to show appreciation and love to those who have supported you since the beginning! Take some time a couple of weeks prior to the wedding to sit down and really put together a heartfelt letter to your parents, grandparents or whoever you wish to honor, and let them know how much they mean to you, how much their support has molded you into the individual that you are today, and how their guidance and lessons throughout the years will attribute to the strength and success of your new marriage. 

Dedicate a Song
We all know that music really sets the tone for a wedding and that the mood can go from very sentimental to fun and lively within two seconds! If you have a song that really reminds you of a loved one or somehow was significant to your relationship during your courtship, ask the DJ to dedicate it right before he plays it for the crowd! This can be your introduction song, party songs, private last dance songs and so on. 

Thank Your Guests |
Whether it's your wedding party who've been helping you plan for months or your out-of-town friends and family who traveled far and wide to attend your wedding, it goes without saying that weddings require a lot of time and attention! That being said, a quick “thank you” speech from you and your groom is such a gracious gesture that really goes a long way and allows you to thank each and every person in attendance all at once. 

Cake To Go |
Ever wondered what happened to all of that delectable wedding cake at the end of the night?! Too often, we see cake being thrown away at the end of the night and oh how that makes us so sad! Send your guests home with the sweetest part of the day, a slice or two of your beautiful and yummy cake! You can easily place cake to-go boxes at the cake table near the end of the evening or if you are having someone serve the cake, tell them that you have to-go boxes and let them handle the process. 

Sealed with a Love Letter and Wine |

Yes we said love and wine! On the day of your wedding, write each other a sweet love letter and tuck them away in a sealed wine box with your favorite Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Keep the box sealed until your one-year anniversary and then open, pop, and CELEBRATE!

We hope these ideas inspire you to add some sparkle to your dream wedding! Share this post and comment with any unique ideas that you have as well!  As always, have a wonderful week from your wedding friends at Celebrate Colorfully!


How To: Find Peace Before The Ceremony


How To: Find Peace Before The Ceremony

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly one of the happiest times of your life; however, it can also be one of the most stressful events to plan! From choosing the best wedding venue and finding your perfect wedding dress, to designing and sending wedding invitations and communicating with an extensive amount of people throughout your engagement, you might feel exhausted when your wedding day finally arrives! With that being said, we have a few tips and tricks to help you find peace before your ceremony and be able to savor and enjoy every joyous and beautiful moment that you have worked so hard to plan and perfect!

Taylor + Louie | Photo by  A Sea of Love

Taylor + Louie | Photo by A Sea of Love

Organization and Help: Delegation at it’s Finest

Hiring a wedding planner and/or day-of coordinator can relieve a great deal of stress and responsibility from your plate. Also, it will ensure that your day is being handled by a team of professionals who know exactly how the day should run and have the experience and know-how to keep each and every part of the day on schedule and running seamlessly both behind the scenes and in front of the camera! Check out our post, Why You'll Want a Planner, for more details on why coordinators are so amazingly helpful. 

Find Moments to Yourself Throughout the Day

Whether your ceremony is set to begin early in the day or later on in the afternoon, find time to pamper and relax yourself.  Be sure to go to bed early the night before and then begin the day with your favorite workout and a healthy breakfast before getting dressed and on your way! This will instantly relieve some of the big day jitters and fuel you for the long day ahead. If you still have time after this, go to the salon for a massage, manicure, of facial. This will help keep your body and mind at ease and will also prepare you to look your most beautiful for the wedding. Also, make sure that you always have water and snacks around to stay hydrated and fueled!

Continue Communication with your Fiancée

In the midst of everything happening from the break of dawn to “I do”, it's very important to stay in communication with your fiancée, maintaining focus on what this glorious day is truly about: celebrating your shared love and commitment to one another as you begin your new life together! Whether this means texting and calling each other throughout the day, sneaking away for a “first look”, or having your maid of honor and best man pass hand-written love notes between the two of you, be sure to find little ways to come back to one another at least a handful of times!

We hope that these few tips will help you find peace before the ceremony on your beautiful wedding day. Please feel free to like or share this post and contact Celebrate Colorfully with any wedding planning, coordination, or floral inquiries that you may have for your upcoming wedding!