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It's the sweetest part of a wedding, after the "I Do's", we're of course talking about the desserts. Most couples head the traditional route, ordering and designing a gorgeous cake that fits the wedding's theme.

However, some brides are more adventurous and order specialty cakes in exciting or festive shapes.

And then there are brides who hate cake but, love sweets. And this is a post for designed for you! -- But, it's also for anyone who's willing to break tradition while still keeping it sweet.

They are the closest thing to cake, including the texture and taste. Cake pops also have all the style and grace without the size of a cake.

pro tip: encourage your baker to use details from your wedding. Include your color scheme or even the details of your wedding gown!

Consider these guys the older, cooler, sibling to the cake pop. They're more mature, more filling, and have so much more potential.





This dessert will require some logistical creativity on behalf of your caterer but, how cool would this treat be? Ice Cream Sundae Bar, anyone? 



pro tip: serve this guy just as the party is heating up! Want to really surprise your guests? Consider hiring an ice cream truck.

Go cultural and break the mold by combining these two French classics and designing an entire desserts table around the concept.

Do we really need to explain the joys of a donut tower?...didn't think so.




Can't make up your mind? Do it all! It's your big day after all, try a dessert samplings table to keep even your pickiest of guests satisfied.

The key here is to do what makes you (and your belly) happy. One day of cravings won't hurt you too much and the possibilities are endless. If you're still undecided on what to do for your wedding dessert talk with your baker/cater or head over to one of our MOST LOVED bakers Whisk Until Sweet for even more sweet inspiration. Happy eatings!

Headline Photo | Paige Jones





Happy hump day! It’s time to show some appreciation to one of our most loved vendors. Meet the #GirlBoss behind Whisk Until Sweet, Heather! She's a native Texan with a major sweet tooth! Heather's style is modern, simple, and elegant. All of her beautiful cakes feature fresh and tasty flavors. The intricacies in the flavors are so delightful they forever leave a remembered taste in your mouth! 


1. Five words or a five word sentence that would describe you or your company best? 

Edgy, Refined, Creative, Whimsical, Rustic. 

2. What was the inspiration behind the name "Whisk until Sweet"? So catchy!  

The name "Whisk until Sweet" was inspired by a simple line in a cookbook. I knew I wanted my company name to be simple but to the effect of whisk, stir, mix, etc. So when I saw it, it was perfect!


3. What fueled your passion towards entrepreneurship?

I was working in the marking industry prior to Whisk until Sweet. That environment didn't allow me to be creative and I felt that I was always stepping on others toes. It was a very dictated industry. That's when I saved my money, attended culinary school in Canada, and started Whisk until Sweet in 2011 by myself. Fast forward 5 years... I enjoy being my own boss! It's very fulfilling and flexible. Being my own boss is also pretty cool. I can be creative without stepping on others toes and enjoy what I do, I love it!


4. What was or has been your favorite project thus far?

I did a photo shoot with Grit + Gold at Brik in Fort Wort. I love it because it was rustic, free reign, and actually focused on the cake; which is a rare occasion. Being creative and given free reign of what I wanted to do as a #CakeBoss really paid off, allowing me to really show who I am. Hard work pays off!

Styled shoot at  Brik  with  Grit + Gold

Styled shoot at Brik with Grit + Gold

5. What would be your dream project or client, if you had the choice? 

Wow! That's a hard one... I would definitely choose my Grandma. She instilled the love of baking in me! She passed when I was 10 years old. She was a cookie girl! I would bake her either snicker doodle or chocolate chip cookies. Not only was my Grandma amazing but so was her baking.

Photo |  A Sea of Love

6. What is the next big step for Whisk until Sweet? 

First and foremost, I am so thankful for my 1st year being completely booked! I'm just going with the flow for now. One long term goal would be to have a shop in Dallas, but maybe not until the next five years. 


7. What would be your advice for anyone interested in becoming their own boss? 

My best advice would be to stick to a routine. It sounds simple but it really isn't. When it's only you, it's much harder making a living. Five business goals and two personal goals a day helps keep me focused. Goals in which of what needs to happen. I also would suggest finding a community or professional group of friends. My profession and working for myself can sometimes be isolating. Any outlet is refreshing!

Thanks so much for telling us your story Heather! We're so incredibly excited to be working with Heather again for our wedding this weekend! 

Most Photos Courtesy of Whisk until Sweet


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instagram | @whiskunitlsweet
phone | 469.626.8488
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You know what day it is? That's right! Hump day! Welcome back and we hope you're ready for some out-of-the-box inspiration!

With the lush garden style becoming such a prominent trend this wedding season, brides and their planning helpers (whoever that might be) have begun to look for new and interesting ways to make their wedding stand out! With that search..... we have found marble. No, not the marble countertops in your kitchen, but marble cakes, marble invitations and so much more! 

Marble wedding cakes are probably the more popular of the marble trends, because they can come in so many different colors! You can keep it neutral with the traditional white and grey, or spice it up with an accent color from your wedding swatch! 

Photo |  Pinterest

Photo | Pinterest

A marble and gold foil wedding invitation is an elegant and different way to introduce marble into your wedding style. We love this invite, it's timeless and while it is a popular trend currently, you won't regret using a marble background for you invitations 10 years from now!

Photo | Etsy Shop  instanttrends

Photo | Etsy Shop instanttrends

You could try adding greenery to the top of this sign to add some flare, or leave it how it is! We love it both ways! We haven't seen a sign like this yet, so it is something that would stand out to your guests!

Photo |  Nick Radford

Photo | Nick Radford

Your table numbers are another easy way to incorporate marble into your special day! They're a light and non-overbearing feature that helps tie all your marble aspect together. Whether it's blocks of marble like this photo (which is so cool!!) or marble prints, both options are stunning in their own design. 

Marble is such a fun aspect to consider for your wedding! So many color options, and no two marble decor pieces should be the exact same! It's a win-win... variety and uniqueness! And that's something we love here at Celebrate Colorfully! We hope you have an awesome hump day and rest of the week! Adios friends! :) 


As our new interns start, we say farewell [not really tho] to Andersen + Jillian. These two kind hearted and talented ladies helped rock a hot + busy summer season and have forever joined the ranks of the #ccgirlgang XOXO we'll miss you girls! 





Cake. A dessert that hardly needs any more of an actual introduction beyond just that, simply because cake quite possibly just might be the eighth wonder of the world. At the mere site of cake, our inner hungry-child reawakens and beckons for a piece of the yummy sweet and soft deliciousness! 

Delicious Cakes, located in Addison and Southlake, is hands down one of the absolute best bakeries in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. With over 25 years of experience baking the most divine tasting and beautifully crafted cakes, you are sure to love both the taste and look of your next cake, cupcake, or grooms cake! We have personally tried several different cakes from Delicious Cakes over the years and have loved and savored every single bite! Keep reading to find out more about this wonderful Dallas treat that was voted into the 50 best wedding cake bakeries in America by Daily Meal! 


1. What are five words to describe your business? 

Fun, Creative, Delicious, Unique, Savory 

2. How did Delicious Cakes come to be?  

Ruthie (co-owner) works for Bridal Shows Inc. and in 2003 one of her clients who owned Delicious Cakes wanted to retire. At the time, Ruthie, her husband Butch, and their four beautiful girls were thinking about purchasing Delicious Cakes because of how it would be a great way for their girls to learn something about business and work ethics. In March of 2003, they sealed the deal and put Ruthie in charge and three of the four girls to work. Miranda, the oldest, took on the role of manager, Abigale, the second, had the responsibility of getting everything organized and setting up customer service policies and Katherine, the youngest and most artistic, took on the role of meeting with brides and helping them design the cake of their dreams and also started working in the kitchen decorating cakes. Butch was working for Trane air conditioning at the time and after piling up well over 2,000,000 miles on airplanes, he retired from Trane. He then realized he too had a talent for design and started sitting with brides and helping them design cakes and loved being able to spend his evenings at home with his family. Fast forward 13 years…Ruthie and Butch still own the bakery and have managed to put together an awesome staff that share the same values and commitment. 


3. How does Delicious Cakes stand apart from other cake bakeries?

Delicious Cakes has been in business for over 25 years and has established a wonderful reputation around the metroplex. With somewhere around 600 – 700 wedding cakes a year, 8000 followers on Facebook, and a passion for their work, the team at Delicious Cakes is one of a kind! As quoted from owner Butch, “I often tell people; “What makes our bakery stand out is LOVE”.  Our staff is like family and we love each and every one of them. One of our Baker’s secret ingredients is LOVE and that’s what makes the cakes so delicious. We love all of the brides that come to us and we try to make their experience with us enjoyable. We also have some specialty flavors that set us apart. They are the amoretto and toasted almond cake, chocolate liqueur, raspberry liqueur, kalua mocha and pink champagne ...and what makes them unique is the fact we use real booze in the recipes.”


4. What is your most popular cake? 

The Princess Cake, which is a moist vanilla cake made with the egg yolk to make it rich and creamy.  With 23 wonderful flavors to offer, this one sells twice as much as the others!  “Styles change every year.” said Butch. “Years ago, the meringue look finish was popular, last year it was horizontal spatula lines and this year the naked cake is popular.  Of course being in the Dallas market “BLING – BLING & more BLING” is always in season.”

5. What is a fun fact about your business?

“I really like to refer to us as a team. We all work and play with each other really well.  Our team is diverse and can pitch in whenever any one of us needs help.  A fun fact about our team is that we tease each other all day long and just have a good time at work!” – Butch. 


And the cherry on top…Delicious Cakes has been voted the “Best Of” from both The Knot and Wedding Wire! They also regularly bake model cakes for Brides of North Texas photoshoots and as mentioned above, were voted one of the 50 best wedding cake bakeries in America from Daily Meal! Now that’s delicious!

A special thank you to Butch for taking the time to share the story of Delicious Cakes with us! As you all know, Celebrate Colorfully has a major crush on wedding flowers and we especially love the wedding cakes featured in this post with their attention to detail and floral inspiration! We hope that we awakened your sweet tooth and you'll think about Delicious Cakes next time you need a cake!


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All photos from Delicious Cakes



Oak Cliff Wedding Market Vendor Interview: Hey Suga!

On September 19th, we got the privilege to attend the first annual Oak Cliff Wedding Market, held at Jefferson Tower Events. It showcased 15 incredible, local vendors and we got the pleasure of interviewing a few of them to introduce to you!

First up! Meet Kenny Hibbler, the super-talented owner and friendly face behind Hey Suga! a company from Irving, Texas that aims to provide high quality cuisine and desserts that match your whimsy or grandest of ideas. His desserts taste just as incredible and decadent as they look. Hey Suga! is the perfect company to create the wedding cake of your dreams. We got a chance to chat with him and showcase some of his work, see what he has to say!

Picture by:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Picture by: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

 1. With 5 words (or a 5 word sentence) describe your company. 

Hey Suga! Delectable desserts for ANY occasion! 

 2. What are some non-traditional ideas for a wedding cake?

One of the most popular non traditional ideas is having a duo cake, a multi-tiered cake with half being designed for the bride and half being designed for the groom.  Also, multiple smaller cakes and an array of treats for a dessert buffet has become increasingly more popular. As cake artists pioneer new and unique design elements the cakes continue to awe. No longer are the off-white buttercream cakes adorned in piping and supported by plastic dowels/plates the standard. 

Photo By:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Photo By: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

3. Any tips for a creative couple on figuring out what kind of cake to get for their wedding

My advice to both the bride and groom (esp. the bride) is to have EXACTLY what they want.  A great cake artist will do his/her best to provide what the bride wishes, as it is HER special day.  The grooms also don't have to settle for a plain old cake. He can feel free to express his own personality and character in cake form! 

Photo By:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Photo By: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

4. What is your favorite Dallas hangout?

My favorite Dallas hangout happens to be my own home or the home of my great friends, who are all amazing cooks and hosts. As I'm usually incredibly busy with cakes and other work obligations, my free time is reserved for actual comfort and relaxation with my favorite persons. 

Photo By:  Hey Suga! 

Photo By: Hey Suga! 

We had a blast interviewing this local dessert artist, Kenny Hibbler. His desserts are absolutely brilliant and we know that he would be an awesome vendor to work with. We look forward to seeing what creations he comes up with next at your wedding!

For any inquiries, contact Hey Suga! at:


Instagram: Heysugaphotos

Facebook: Hey Suga!