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On today’s post we are looking at some creative ways to feature food carts in your wedding. Imagine your guests being served tasty street food or desserts from fun carts. We are totally obsessed with ice cream, cotton candy, tamales, gelato and popsicles! Treat your guests with one of these food options!

Photo:  Shay and Olive    Cotton Candy:  Cottonsmith

Photo: Shay and Olive   Cotton Candy: Cottonsmith

The Tamale Company

The Tamale Company

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Uh...hello, it's 2016 so that means it's totally normal for couples to go ring shopping together. I mean, it's YOUR finger and you'll be the one wearing it for life, right? But we also understand how romantic it is to be completely surprised with your fiancee's choice. Either way, ring shopping can be stressful and overwhelming for both of you with all the different options. Gold vs. Silver? Diamond vs. Gem? Simple vs. Glamorous? We're making it easy and listing the top 5 engagement rings out there! 

1. Classic
You can't ever go wrong with the simplicity of a clossic solitaire enegagment ring. This stunning luminous ring is from our very own bride, Jamie from Jamie + Blake!

2. Rose Gold
Stand aside rose gold iPhones, make way for this increasingly popular and lovely pink hue that will surely make your ring stand out among the crowd.

3. Opal
Are you on the hunt for an engagement ring with something other than a diamond? More and more couples are option out of diamond engagement rings and choosing opal instead. Not only is this precious gem a romantic and timeless beauty, it's also mesmerizing to look at. 

Ring |  Studio 1040

4. Something Blue
While exploring your options outside of diamonds, one could easily fall head over heels in love with a Sapphire engagement ring. 

5. Halo
A halo engagement ring can change the look of the ring completely! A single halo can give you a simple yet romantic look or if you prefer, the double halo takes the ring to all new levels of dazzling.

So now that we've cut the overwhelming number of options down for you and provided you with a little inspiration, it's time to drop a hint! Screenshot your favorite photos from above and 'subtly' send it to your significant other. 

Share pictures of your perfect engagement ring with us using #CelebrateDallas!





There aren't many things people enjoy more than a good deal, especially on a big (typically pricey) day like your wedding. But, as professional wedding planners/your internet BFFs, let us assure you that your wedding is neither the time nor the place to try and cut corners. Guests will notice, you will notice and attempting to cut costs on the wrong item or vendor could actually end up costing you more in the long run. So if you're looking for high glamour without having to break the bank, check out our cheat sheet to help keep costs low and smiles high.


1. Venue
It's easy to spend big on your dream venue but, remember that weddings should be about experiencing the love between two people. So focus on finding a venue that is naturally beautiful. This will help you save loads on decor + floral arrangements. Also consider getting hitched at a historical location. You can potentially claim the facility costs on your taxes #winning

A venue like the private lakehouse for Sarah + John's wedding earlier this year is the perfect way to cut cost on a venue without sacrificing personal style.

2. Drink Responsibly
Alcohol is an easy way to go WAY over your wedding budget. Try hosting a cocktail or mixer bar instead. This helps cut down on the amount of alcohol needed as guests are encouraged to add in fruits, ice, and garnish that take up the space of straight alcohol. 

Or you can host an open bar during cocktail hour then switch to beer + wine during the reception. 

Our favorite tip is to  premier a couples signature cocktail. It's less alcohol and specific to your big day.

3. Timing
Remember our talk about how 'in-season is the best season?' While this is still true for florals, it's not true for basically any other aspect of your wedding. Getting married out of wedding season or even choosing to marry on a Sunday or Wednesday versus a Saturday is a great way to instantly trim your wedding budget by about 25%.

Design House via  Airbnb

Design House via Airbnb

Off Grid House via  Airbnb

Off Grid House via Airbnb

4. Honeymoon
A great wedding budget includes the costs of items associated before, during and after the wedding. Skipping out on budgeting for the costs of bachelor/bachelorette parties or a honeymoon can make for a very sobering reality 2-3 months after your big day. Plan ahead! If you can, skip the long and pricey international flight and stay domestic instead. AirBnB has a TON of listings from country to city to satisfy every couples desires. 

5. The Guest List + Invites
Perhaps the simplest way to cut back on costs is to invite less people. A smaller guests lists means less invites, less seats at a reception, less tables, less centerpieces, etc. If you're struggling to figure out who does and doesn't get an invite follow the unofficial golden rule: are they (active)  in your life currently and are they going to attend to celebrate the couple (as a whole)? Inviting your coworker who invited your to her holiday party four years ago might seem less attractive when you realize her seat costs approx. $60. 

Embrace the digital age! It's 2016, send e-invites to cut back on postage and stationary for save-the-dates and RSVPs. 

Hire a Wedding Planner!
Yes, yes, we realize this is technically a 6th tip but, one of the best ways to ensure you stay on track financially and get great deals on everything from alcohol to parking permits, is to hire a wedding planner. They are in the business year round and have loads of connections/contacts that will save you time and money. If you are really set on doing most of the planning yourself, consider a Day Of Coordinator. This person can consult with you during the planning process and help keep everything organized and running smoothly to ensure dodging any last minute hiccups, fines or fees. We offer lots of packages for every bride and groom. 

Photography |  Savannah Pyron

Photography | Savannah Pyron

Remember your wedding day is YOUR wedding day. It's all about deciding what will make you, your partner, and your guests happiest. Know your budget and be choosy about what is and isn't worth shelling out cash over. Consider sitting down and making a list of wedding must-haves versus wedding would-be-nice to haves. 






We use them everyday and hardly think about them at all. But at weddings, a well-crafted sign can not only provide necessary information about the day/couple but, also evoke incredible emotion from your guests. 

Custom Signage|  Remember November Inc

Custom Signage| Remember November Inc

Signs are an example of the 'ooh, ahhhs, and oh-yeah's' that help move a wedding from good to great. So, we've gathered our favorite ideas on how to use signage (whether witty or sweet) on your big day.  

1. Arrival/Parking

Much like other events (think graduations, parties, concerts) finding your way around --or even to-- a wedding can be an unnecessary stress for guests. Use signs leading up to and inside of your venue to help keep guests on the right track. 

Photography |  Christopher Nolan  

Photography | Christopher Nolan 

Photography|  A  manda Perkins   / via

Photography| Amanda Perkins / via

You can also use signage to preview your day and/or your bridal party with your guests.

2. Ceremony

In the ceremony space signs can help set the tone for your day. Let everyone know what a great day you've got planned. 

3. Reception Programming: Schedule + Seating

Even if guests aren't assigned seats, everyone will need one to eat. 

Photography |     Becca Lea

Photography | Becca Lea

4.  Decor: The Bar/Cocktail Hour, Reception and/or Ceremony Space

Signs don't have to be limited to directions or logistics. Consider using signs to jazz up your reception space. Decorate the bar with signs or share your wedding hashtags!

Photography |  Laura Murray  

Photography | Laura Murray 

Photography |  Lovers of Love   Venue/Caterer |  Temecula Creek Inn   Event Coordinator |  Michelle Garibay Events

Photography | Lovers of Love 
Venue/Caterer | Temecula Creek Inn
Event Coordinator | Michelle Garibay Events

5. Departure

Take this time to send your guest off with a gift, a thank you, or even a prayer for safe travels.

Calligrapher:|  Outside The Bloom

Calligrapher:| Outside The Bloom

Calligraphy |  Ellie + Ace

Calligraphy | Ellie + Ace

Signs, like weddings, can come big or small, the most important thing to remember is what goes on it should be your call! Use humor or hymns, the choice is all yours. And if you're in the market for a calligrapher may we (kindly but, also seriously) suggest Stephanie over at Ellie + Ace. She's a member of The Coterie family and does amazing work!