From pumpkin spice lattes to cozy neutral boots, how could you not fall for Fall? It's packed with seasonal treasures for the stomach, the closet and the home. But, Fall offers so much more than Thanksgiving dinner and sweater weather. It’s the season that brings us some of the most unique shapes and romantic shades of the year.

FLORAL|  Sax Romney

FLORAL| Sax Romney

Shopping Seasonally is a great way to add a touch of nature without breaking your budget. Use Fall's sophisticated red and vibrant yellows to capture the warmth and beauty of the season. Pair these shades with romantic lighting and you've got a truly magical experience for guests to enjoy. But, with so many options, we know it can get a little complicated. So, check out our cheat sheet to effortless Fall florals below. 

Pro Tip 1: In-Season Is The Best Season: No bride wants to find out the flowers she's been dreaming of since childhood aren't available for her big day. Skip the disappointment (and cost!) by selecting flowers that are in season.  Picking out of season flowers could mean paying upwards of 50% more and totally blowing your budget. 

The Go To Flowers for Fall [in order of appearance] are: 

  • Camellias - known for their soft and round shape these delicate flowers are beautifully paired with other flowers
  • Hydrangeas -these bushy and festive flowers are an excellent accent to any bouquet.
  • Delphiniums - This country flower adds the perfect  height to any arrangement. it's elegant stem, speckled with vibrant color helps pull any piece to completion. 
  • Sunflowers - A classic and whimsical flower, bursting with color, these beauties will add a touch of unexpected 'WOW'. 
  • If you're looking for fun shapes and a classic look: Orchids, Cala Lillies & Billy Ball's are what's going to set your arrangements apart. 

Pro Tip 2: Focus on a Hue...or Two...or Four - If you're having trouble finding a place to start with your floral selection, trying picking a singular color OR if you're feeling bold, pick a bunch of colors in both neutral and bold shades.

FLORALS |  Bloom Colorfully

Pro Tip #3: Use Every Flower in Every Way - Let no flower go wasted. Bring those bright oranges and inspiring reds into centerpieces, boutonnieres, and your ceremony space. Throw in some pumpkins or candles, and you'll blow your guests away with all that Autumn charm.



Pro Tip #4: Dabble Beyond Flowers - Arguably the best part of Fall weddings is that you can incorporate aspects of nature beyond flowers. Consider lining your aisle with crisp, ombre leaves and acorns or using a wood stump as a cake stand.

STYLING + PHOTOGRAPHY |  H  armony Hilderbrand

STYLING + PHOTOGRAPHY | Harmony Hilderbrand

Fall weddings are some of our absolute favorites! We can't wait to show you more of these flowers in action in some of the weddings we have lined up this fall season! <3