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How To | Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Day


How To | Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Day

So your wedding researching is underway and if you're like the other 91% of brides who browse online for wedding inspiration, then you certainly have come across hundreds of unique ways to personalize your big day. From the music that you request be featured to the colors you use throughout your décor, there are several details of a wedding that make it something very special and true to your style. 

Jillian Chopin, from Celebrate Colorfully, has put together some of her favorite personalization ideas to help you add a little sparkle throughout your day. Keep reading to find out more!

Meet the Wedding Party |
Weddings bring together all of your closest friends and family that you know very well; however, they may not all know each other at all. Therefore, including a few fun and unique facts about each wedding party member in the program is a special way to showcase those who are joining you in celebration of your big day! After all, your guests may not know that you went to kindergarten with your maid of honor and that the best man auditioned for American Idol!

Photo |  A Sea of Love        Design |  Gypset Creative

Photo | A Sea of Love       Design | Gypset Creative

Love Letters to Your Parents |
What a special way to show appreciation and love to those who have supported you since the beginning! Take some time a couple of weeks prior to the wedding to sit down and really put together a heartfelt letter to your parents, grandparents or whoever you wish to honor, and let them know how much they mean to you, how much their support has molded you into the individual that you are today, and how their guidance and lessons throughout the years will attribute to the strength and success of your new marriage. 

Dedicate a Song
We all know that music really sets the tone for a wedding and that the mood can go from very sentimental to fun and lively within two seconds! If you have a song that really reminds you of a loved one or somehow was significant to your relationship during your courtship, ask the DJ to dedicate it right before he plays it for the crowd! This can be your introduction song, party songs, private last dance songs and so on. 

Thank Your Guests |
Whether it's your wedding party who've been helping you plan for months or your out-of-town friends and family who traveled far and wide to attend your wedding, it goes without saying that weddings require a lot of time and attention! That being said, a quick “thank you” speech from you and your groom is such a gracious gesture that really goes a long way and allows you to thank each and every person in attendance all at once. 

Cake To Go |
Ever wondered what happened to all of that delectable wedding cake at the end of the night?! Too often, we see cake being thrown away at the end of the night and oh how that makes us so sad! Send your guests home with the sweetest part of the day, a slice or two of your beautiful and yummy cake! You can easily place cake to-go boxes at the cake table near the end of the evening or if you are having someone serve the cake, tell them that you have to-go boxes and let them handle the process. 

Sealed with a Love Letter and Wine |

Yes we said love and wine! On the day of your wedding, write each other a sweet love letter and tuck them away in a sealed wine box with your favorite Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Keep the box sealed until your one-year anniversary and then open, pop, and CELEBRATE!

We hope these ideas inspire you to add some sparkle to your dream wedding! Share this post and comment with any unique ideas that you have as well!  As always, have a wonderful week from your wedding friends at Celebrate Colorfully!