Meet Melissa, the newest Coterie member and our most recent MOST LOVED!! We met Melissa at a Knot networking event over 2 years ago when Celebrate Dallas was just starting to set it roots in the community. She was wearing a black dress covered in constellations and planets and we just knew we'd found a kindred creative spirit in the sea of Dallas vendors. 

Read all about her photography journey and get to know Melissa a little more intimately on today's episode of CELEBRATE DALLAS' MOST LOVED!

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography
Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

What are five words (or a five word sentence that would describe you and/or your company the best?

Bold. Loving. Free-Spirited. Candid. Colorful.

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

How did you get into photography? Was it always weddings?

I always knew I wanted to spend my life and career taking photos, so I studied fine art photography and received my Bachelor's Degree in 2010. After graduation, I honestly wasn't sure *what* exactly to do with my future. Luckily, a few wonderful photographers gave me guidance and let me shadow them at weddings, and I started second shooting a lot. I fell in love with weddings and am always grateful to have found a career that is both creative and service based!

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

What’s your favorite moment of the wedding day to photograph?

Getting ready. From styling the details to capturing the candid anticipation of the day (even for myself), the first part of the day is a chance to slow down and be fully present while the rest of the wedding day is a joyful whirlwind. Another favorite is definitely the romantic bride and groom portraits!

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

Have any tips for the camera shy brides and grooms out there?

Trust your photographer, and trust the process. It's our job to provide coaching/guidance and walk into any situation with confidence and direction!  Additionally, I would encourage brides and grooms to hire a photographer they like personally as we're right there with them the entire day.

Photo by Melissa Claire Photography

What’s your favorite local hangout?

I'm such a homebody, but I do love a good art exhibit! I'm always up for cocktails at Paschall's in Denton. And you can also find me at local music shows, since Nick (my husband and wonderful second shooter) plays in two Fort Worth based bands: Lindby and The Hendersons!