Say hello to one of our favorite husband + wife duos in the industry, Christopher + Olivia, the owners of North Mark Films! We met these beautiful souls a few months back when opening our creative studio, The Coterie. At the time, we were searching for local vendors who shared a similar passion for weddings to join as members and by chance these two found us instead. 

There are two teams at Celebrate Dallas, those who cry at weddings and those who don't, and those who don't can't help but tear up at the intimate moments captured by these two talented filmmakers. Christopher + Olivia were sweet enough to give us an interview this week and we can't wait for y'all to fall in love with them and their incredible work just like we did! 


What five words [or a five word sentence] that would describe you and/or your company best?
Oh gosh, thats hard. I would say....passionate, cinematic, risk-takers, light-hearted, and life-lovers. 

How did you guys get into wedding videography?
By happenstance! A friend of ours was getting married, and didn't have a videographer. We had been wanting to try out hand at it, so we offered our services, and we ended up loving it! Our friends loved their film, and we got some really awesome feedback, so we decided to pursue it.


What are some tips you'd give a couple looking for a compatible videographer?
Compatibility is huge. If you are looking for a certain style of videography, I would start with your photographer. If you have a dark and moody photographer, chances are they know a videographer with the same style (same if you're looking for light and bright). My second tip would be utilizing Instagram! Never underestimate the power of searching hashtags and reaching out to other creatives for recommendations. Chances are someone knows someone. And once you find your match in a videography, trust them!


What's the most common misconception about videography?
Ah! I would have to say that a lot of people are unaware of what wedding videography has become! They imagine Uncle Joe with a camcorder, and very rough plain footage. Today we have some incredibly talented film makers working in the wedding industry, and they know how to turn your day into a compelling piece of art that you actually want to watch!


You guys do more than just video, right? What else do you offer?
Yes! We own LCB Photobooth Company on the side! With all the gorgeous weddings that we attend every year, we noticed that there was lack of quality photo booths to accompany these events. And thus, our company was born!