Happy Wednesday! We hope you had a magical Valentine's Day full of love, chocolates and gorgeous blooms! To keep the love going, we are going to share with you our five favorite bars that we're currently swooning over, and no it's not all "adult beverage" bars like you might be thinking of.... although it did make the cut! 

1. Pie! Pie bars are becoming seemingly more and more popular because it gives the guests a variety and can be less expensive than a wedding cake! We love the way tables look with multiple aspects and flavors! In our opinion, pie is much easier to serve as well! All in all.... pie is a win win!

photo |  Jillian Zamora

2. Candy! In supplement of a cake, a candy bar is a fun way to allow the guests to make their own goodie bags to take home full of candy that they love! Once again, variety is a huge factor in a candy bar. M&M's make a great choice if you're particular about the candy following the color scheme of your wedding! There are so many different candies that no candy bar will be the same as the last one you might've seen!

3. Donut! Yum yum yum! A good donut will always satisfy the soul. They can be gourmet or just the traditional glazed and chocolate sprinkle because they're all delicious! What's great about a donut bar is that you do not have to worry about having someone take their time out of the celebration to cut the cake (but hey don't worry, we offer cake cutting!) and get all messy! Donuts are grab-and-go treat so the party can keep on rolling!

photo |  Angela Sostarich

4. Smores! Okay... what is much better than smores? A warm ooey-gooey marshmallows with melted chocolate surrounded by a sweet graham cracker is certainly a crowd pleaser, especially for the youngins on the guest list! 

5. And last, but certainly not least... Alcohol! Isn't there a saying "Alcohol... because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad"? Well that's why alcohol made the cut of our top five favorite bars. Heavily photographed (and monitored, of course!) shenanigans are destined to create some great reception memories! 

photo |  Beckley & Co. 

Hope we have your mouth watering and tummies growling! Our top five are great ideas but most definitely not the only "bar" ideas that we love! Feel free to share or comment with your favorite ideas! We'd love to hear from you! :)