Let's just say Pantone's announcement of the 2017 color of the year wasn't a revelation to us. We have allllllllways loved greenery. It gives a lush, organic quality to floral arrangements and it totally makes your budget go further!!

We love when our brides are open to using greenery in creative ways because it's a beautiful way to add special little touches throughout your wedding day without breaking the bank!

Let's dive into some of our favorite ways to use greenery to make your wedding the garden fantasy of your dreams!

Photos | A Sea of Love

Garden Maids. A mix of textural greenery makes a gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet, especially if you are trying to unify a mix of dress styles and colors.

Photos |  A Sea of Love

Photos | A Sea of Love

Trailing Vines. Delicate greenery makes a gorgeous backdrop for special areas of your wedding like behind the cake or even as a backdrop for your vows!

Photo |  A Sea of Love

Branching Out. These tall centerpieces of all greenery are an incredible way to draw the eye up in your reception space and keep the organic garden style you love. Tall centerpieces tend to go traditional with what we like to call "hydrangea balls". If you love the organic, sculptural style more, this is an amazing option!

Down the Aisle. We love the trend of blocking off the aisle to politely and beautifully keep well-meaning guests from hopping out in the aisle to take cell phone pictures. With the popularity of unplugged weddings growing every second, this is the perfect way to remind guests to enjoy the ceremony and not play photographer.

Delicate Touches. Light greenery tucked around candles, cake stands, family photo displays, and even the buffet line is an amazingly inexpensive way to really dress up for utilitarian areas of your wedding!

Yeah, we couldn't love greenery more! What do you think of this trend? Love it? Hate it? Share below!