Hi friends!

Today we're excited to bring back our Tips series and break down some Wedding Gift Guidelines! Wedding gifts are a common tradition, but it can still be a little overwhelming to make sure your gift is perfect.

Without further ado, let's get into some etiquette!


  • Do check the registry - You are guaranteed to give a gift they will love if you choose something from the registry! More than likely, the couple spent a solid day or two creating their registry with their exact needs in mind. Grab them that knife set they've been eyeing and they'll love you forever!
  • Send large gifts to the couple's home - Who wants to lug a microwave to a wedding in their fancy get up? Spare your back and the couple's family at the end of the night by shipping gifts directly to their home. Most registries will have this option built in to make it super simple!
  • Do send gift as close to the wedding as possible - Don't put off the gift! Make it easy on your self and the newlyweds and get that item off your checklist as close to the wedding date as possible!
  • Do check out Zola! Zola is an amazing registry resource where couples can register for all the classic home building items or even experiences or money for a specific investment (like home buying or a charitable cause!) It's an awesome, one stop for couples who don't want to go to a ton of stores to register at each individual one!


  • Ask the couple where their registered - Yes, it's still considered bad form to ask directly where the couple is registered. Even though they did register, they don't want to seem like they are only after material goods. Check their wedding website or ask immediate family or bridal party members for specific instructions.
  • Don't feel guilty about giving cash - There is nothing wrong with giving cash! If it's easier for you, go ahead and stash some bills in a pretty card and sealed envelope. Make sure you look for a card box or give your envelope directly to someone close to the couple to ensure it makes it to its intended recipient.
  • Don't feel bad if you find out your gift was returned or exchanged - Even if you purchased something off the registry, it's possible that the couple received something similar or an exact duplicate. Sometimes, things like that happen, and your gift may be returned or exchanged. The thing to remember here is that you're giving a gift to help this newly married couple start their home. If they exchange your gift for something they need more, then you're still doing that! :)