Wow! This summer has been flying by! We hope that everyone had a fantastic 4th of July weekend! This week Megan has a some advice on how to save money on the florals for your big day! Everyone planning a wedding knows that florals can be an expensive portion of your budget, but with these tips, hopefully you can save some money (because who doesn't want that?!)! 

  • Stay in season – this tip is tried and true. If you want peonies in the dead of winter, you’re going to be paying a pretty penny. Ask your florist for recommendations as to what’s in season that fits your aesthetic.
Photo by  Avery Earl.

Photo by Avery Earl.

  • DIY does not. mean. easy!! – I always say you can DIY anything, just not everything. Flowers are something that I am very hesitant to encourage brides to do themselves for a few major reasons.

1.       You must do a test run! This is non-negotiable! Give yourself the opportunity to try floral arranging a few months ahead of time and determine if it’s really something you feel you can tackle the week of your wedding. You might find that you love it and making centerpieces is totally calming! You might also find that it’s not really your thing and doing 20 centerpieces and 10 bouquets two days before your wedding is more stress than it’s worth. Either way, you’ll feel good about your decision!

2.       Flowers are perishable. IE. You can’t do them more than a day or two ahead of time. So on top of your family coming into town, last minute appointments, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, etc. you’ve got to find time to arrangement flowers!

3.       You have to buy much more than just blooms. In pretty much every wedding, we use pins, ribbons, shears, floral tape, wire, foam, vases, etc. It’s not that these things are complicated or hard to track down, but these things can add up if you have to buy everything at once!

Photo by  A Sea of Love.
  • Make your budget known upfront – When you meet with a potential florist for the first time, come with a number in mind. Nothing is worse than a client coming in with all of these gorgeous inspiration photos, not knowing what they want to spend, and receiving a proposal from their florist that is way way WAY more than they wanted to spend. Flowers can be beautiful on any budget! (Seriously!!) There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed by yours. Say it confidently and ask your florist for any expertise they can offer to maximize it!
  • Hire a florist you trust – We work with flowers all the time! We know where to get them, how to make sure they’re perfect, and how to make a ton of different ingredients come together in a perfect arrangement. If you hire a florist you trust, you can give them your color scheme, style, and budget and let them work their magic! A good example of this is our own use of carnations! People have some very strong opinions on carnations because they are so common and are perceived as a cheap flower. Now, if you absolutely hate the bloom, of course we won’t use it! But if you give us creative license and trust us to bring your vision to life while staying in your budget, you might be surprised to find out that we can use some of the less common, really pretty varieties of this flower to make an arrangement really lush and full on a very small budget! If you trust your vendors, your wedding day will be stress free because you know you’ve got a team working to make your day magical!

Another piece of advice I've heard when a close friend got married, is that if you want floral arrangements for various tables, but don't want to spend the extra cash... use the bridesmaids bouquets! Set some pretty vases on the tables/bar/whatever your wanting decorated, and ask the girls when the ceremony and pictures are over that they place their flowers in the vases! That way you get a two-in-one effect! And to be one will even notice unless you tell them! 

So, all in all... set a budget and find a florist that will work with and make the most of it! Anything is possible in the world of flowers! Feel free to contact us to get the floral design magic flowing! 

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