Happy Wednesday! We have a special treat on the blog today- an interview with Erika Curry, a fabulous make-up artist that we have worked with throughout the past year!

This girl is an incredible talent and an immensely kind person. We love recommending her to our brides because we know she knocks it out of the park every single time!

Roll the questions!

1. What are five words (or a 5 word sentence) that would describe you and/or your company the best?

 Personable, agreeable, open minded, relaxed and HAPPY (that was harder than I thought and my 12 year old helped me!)

2. How’d you get into makeup artistry?

I have always, always loved makeup. As a kid (maybe 9 or 10) I would take pictures from magazines if they had a closeup of a woman's face, cut the picture in half, glue it on a piece of paper and to try to replicate her makeup on my own using my moms makeup or colored pencils. I was always the girl who did friends makeup throughout high school and college. I just never realized it could be a career until I met a sweet friend who worked for MAC. He encouraged me and told me I was actually good. I took any "work" I could get for free and practiced a lot on anyone who would let me. 

3. How should a bride decide what look she wants? 

For my brides, I suggest looking at pictures of other brides. Real girls, not models or Pinterest pictures. So many times I think women think a model is pretty but don't always consider how the makeup would look on them. I encourage brides to stay within their comfort zone. If you never wear makeup, your wedding isn't the day to rock a smokey eye. I say, look like YOU on your best day ever! 

4. Have any tips for keeping the “getting ready” process stress-free on the wedding day?

 On the day of your wedding, give yourself plenty of time! Assume everything will take longer than you think. There is nothing worse than being rushed. And if you get done early, bonus! Also, for hair and makeup, have a trial. Maybe two. So you and your makeup artist and hair dresser are on the same page. I love walking in and knowing exactly what my bride wants! 

5. What's your favorite local hangout?

 My husband has been going to a dive bar called the "Dallasite" forever. We know everyone there and it's just easy. It's inevitable when we go out that we will end up there!

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