We all know that planning a wedding includes a ton of decisions to make and a lot of those take place during the writing of your ceremony! Stress not, we have 3 steps to writing your own ceremony!

Step One:

Narrow your interests. Grab a pen and a note-pad and create a "Needs" versus "Wants" list and keep some of the following questions in mind.

What would you like your ceremony to reflect? Would you like a long or short ceremony? Traditional? Non-traditional? A little of both? Will you have any religious components? Are they by choice or are your parents desiring that they be included? Do you want your ceremony to reflect the love built between you two or the love and support of the people that surrounds you? 

Step Two:

After deciding the components you will add to your ceremony, create the order in which they will proceed. A traditional order can be seen below: 

  • Welcome: This includes a quick welcome, any reminders and a thank you to the guests!
  • Address: Your officient will typically share a story, message or a sermon. Once that reading is finished, the officiant can welcome anyone else that might share some words, sing, read a poem, etc.
  • The Expression of Intent: A.K.A. the only legally mandated part of your ceremony! This is that infamous question asked to you and your partner that is followed by an "I do!".
  • Vows: This is one of the most versatile parts of the ceremony. Worried about not remembering what your carefully-crafter words are? Read them off of a page or have the officiant read them for you to repeat. More interested in memorizing your vows? Do it! Don't want to create your own vows? Keep it traditional! There is no right or wrong way!  
  • The Ceremony of the Rings + Ring Vows: The officiant will typically say a few words on the significance of the rings and then the exchange of rings and ring vows will follow. The ring vows are typically repeated after the officiant so no memorization needed here! 

Step Three: 

Enjoy the wedding planning stage! Don't let the stress overwhelm you! Remember this is your wedding and it should radiate nothing else than the two of YOU!