A few weeks ago we talked about saving you some green but, today we're talking about saving a different sort of green. We're discussing all the wonderful ways to throw an amazing bash and save the Earth at the same time. And the best part is, most of these tips won't cost any more than the traditional wedding fixin's.

1. Catering + Food

Going green doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste or quality. Help save the environment by offering a menu that screams of fresh, locally grown ingredients. Ask your caterer to keep with in-season, locally-grown products this will help keep the cost down and guarantee the freshest finds. 

2. Wedding Gown

Dress |  Kendal Leonard Designs  Photography |  Kate Ignatowski  

Dress | Kendal Leonard Designs
Photography | Kate Ignatowski 

There are lots of options in eco-friendly wedding dresses. You can rent, re-purpose a dress from a previous generation in your family or use all organic materials.  The pictured dress is handmade by Kendal Leonard Designs out of organic cotton sateen, organic cotton cording, and organic cotton thread. It’s pretty much the epitome of effortless beauty.

3. Stationary // Invites

Invitations |  Smock

Invitations | Smock

The most obvious is the option is to swap out traditional stamp-in-mail invites for e-invites. But, if you're anything like us you love the idea of receiving an invite in the mail. If you also love a good paper invite, look into recycled or re-purposed paper. There are even companies who offer vegetable-based inks, like The Windmill Paper Boutique (they source printing from windmill-powered printers!).

4. Venue

Getting married outdoors is a great way to cut down on energy costs. Consider getting married in a vineyard, farm, or a personal favorite of ours, a barn. The White Sparrow Barn, located in Quinlan, Texas, was the backdrop for several of our brides this wedding season. Our brides used the outdoor spaces in a variety of ways, hosting cocktail hours, s'mores bars, and more. The other big plus about the White Sparrow is that it doubles as both a ceremony and reception location. Save all that gas and dance the night away on the outdoor patio lit by the stars instead. 

5. Favors

Photography + DIY Tutorial |  Something Turquoise

Photography + DIY Tutorial | Something Turquoise

The Earth-loving doesn't have to stop just because your reception does. Send home favors that keep the good vibes going. Try seeded heart cards, small ornaments sprinkled with seeds to feed all the 'love birds'. Or, if you're feeling extra fancy, consider gifting a scented candle, with floral notes from the bridal bouquet