Think about the last several weddings you’ve attended. Do you remember the wedding favors? Let’s be honest, the personalized matchbooks and mints aren’t favors that your guests will remember. In fact, they may be left behind at the reception tables only to be tossed away. You want your wedding favors to be unique, memorable and appreciated.

Here are a few wedding favor ideas that your guests will actually want!

Pretty Little Plants

Who wouldn’t want these adorable succulents sitting in their living room or on their night stand? I’ll take one for each room in my house, please and thank you!

Cute Coffee Mugs

If you’re having a fall or winter wedding and a majority of your guests are avid coffee drinkers, you can’t go wrong with a coffee mug and beans.

Photo |  Wendy Laurel

Photo | Wendy Laurel

Kits for the Kids

Don’t forget favors for the kids! A little basket of gadgets, games, and snacks will surely keep them entertained all night!


Men may not be fans of pretty little plants, but they sure do love their cigars!


Because nobody can resist a donut! Send your guests home with a sugary treat!

Ice Cream Scoops

Come on, how charming! After all, we ALL scream for ice cream and you can be sure that your guests will use these at home a lot!

Remember one thing: You know your guests the best. If you have a guest list filled with food lovers, a midnight snack will be the way to their hearts. If your crowd really enjoys to have a good drink, you know they won’t leave behind a mini bottle of tequila! Give them a small gift to show your love and appreciation for accompanying you on such a special day!

What would you like to take home with you as a wedding favor?