Happy Wednesday! If you are one of those couples that are looking to have a ceremony somewhere that is a little out of the box and are having some trouble finding a venue, we hope this helps spark some ideas! 

If you are in the DFW area, there are many unique places to have your wedding but to start, you have to think about what the venue would mean to you.

1. Is there a place that holds a certain significance for you as a couple?

 For example, the spot where you first met, had your first kiss, exchanged your first "I love you" or a spot simply spent a lot of time. Reflect on that location. Is it your alma matter? A spot by White Rock Lake or Katy Trail? Was it on a hike through Grapevine Lake or in a field somewhere?

2. Is there a certain hobby you share that could involve a potential venue?

We recently coordinated a wedding at House of Blues, a venue that celebrated their love for music, and it turned out to be an incredibly beautiful and unique wedding(read all about it here!!).  Some other hobby-related venues could include: a baseball stadium, golf course, library, a race track, campground, a museum or art gallery, a brewery, a coffee house, an amusement park, or perhaps a comic book store?

3. If you are looking for an outdoor location but something that is not your typical Fort Worth Botanical Garden or Dallas Arboretum, try a historical site.

The DFW area has a long list of interesting historical buildings, museums, and parks that provide the perfect scenic backdrop for your ceremony. 

Now that we got you thinking, here are three examples of wedding venues around Dallas that coincide with some venues previously suggested.

Photos by Southern Wedding

  • Fort Worth Water Gardens

Photos by: My Creative Touch Events

  • Thistle Hill House Museum