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You’ve planned your wedding down to the very last detail. You know exactly where every flower should be placed, what every musical cue means, and who should and shouldn’t be sitting together, but you haven’t quite figured out your exit strategy. Grand Exits (or exit tosses) are an opportunity for your friends and family to celebrate you one last time before you ride off into the sunset and for your photographer to get some crazy beautiful shots.

You’ve seen 100 different sparkler exits (which were all beautiful), but you want something different! Well, we’ve rounded up our TOP 5 favorite non-sparkler wedding exits for you and your boo on the big day!


Paper Airplanes

Photo Credit |  Color & Cake

Photo Credit | Color & Cake

Keep it cute and whimsical with a paper airplane toss at the end of the night. You can even re-purpose programs or other wedding stationary for it!


Wild Flowers

Photo Credit |  Nina Claire Photography

Wild flowers are an great toss idea for the environmentally friendly/hippie-dippie couples worried about what’s left behind.


Smoke Bombs

Photo Credit |  Briana Purser

Photo Credit | Briana Purser

This exit idea might be more difficult to pull off at night, but if you used them sporadically and at just the right time, you’ll be OBSESSED with shots your photographer captures.


Fall Leaves

Photo Credit |  Lara Hotz

Photo Credit | Lara Hotz

Take your love of Fall to the next level and incorporate pretty fall leaves in your wedding exit. Plus the leaves will blend in with all the other leaves on the ground, which means little to no clean up required!


Beach Balls

A beach ball exit is great way to keep the party going especially if you’re getting married at a beach or lake! And if you want to go the extra mile customize your beach balls and they can double as wedding favors!