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We use them everyday and hardly think about them at all. But at weddings, a well-crafted sign can not only provide necessary information about the day/couple but, also evoke incredible emotion from your guests. 

Custom Signage|  Remember November Inc

Custom Signage| Remember November Inc

Signs are an example of the 'ooh, ahhhs, and oh-yeah's' that help move a wedding from good to great. So, we've gathered our favorite ideas on how to use signage (whether witty or sweet) on your big day.  

1. Arrival/Parking

Much like other events (think graduations, parties, concerts) finding your way around --or even to-- a wedding can be an unnecessary stress for guests. Use signs leading up to and inside of your venue to help keep guests on the right track. 

Photography |  Christopher Nolan  

Photography | Christopher Nolan 

Photography|  A  manda Perkins   / via

Photography| Amanda Perkins / via

You can also use signage to preview your day and/or your bridal party with your guests.

2. Ceremony

In the ceremony space signs can help set the tone for your day. Let everyone know what a great day you've got planned. 

3. Reception Programming: Schedule + Seating

Even if guests aren't assigned seats, everyone will need one to eat. 

Photography |     Becca Lea

Photography | Becca Lea

4.  Decor: The Bar/Cocktail Hour, Reception and/or Ceremony Space

Signs don't have to be limited to directions or logistics. Consider using signs to jazz up your reception space. Decorate the bar with signs or share your wedding hashtags!

Photography |  Laura Murray  

Photography | Laura Murray 

Photography |  Lovers of Love   Venue/Caterer |  Temecula Creek Inn   Event Coordinator |  Michelle Garibay Events

Photography | Lovers of Love 
Venue/Caterer | Temecula Creek Inn
Event Coordinator | Michelle Garibay Events

5. Departure

Take this time to send your guest off with a gift, a thank you, or even a prayer for safe travels.

Calligrapher:|  Outside The Bloom

Calligrapher:| Outside The Bloom

Calligraphy |  Ellie + Ace

Calligraphy | Ellie + Ace

Signs, like weddings, can come big or small, the most important thing to remember is what goes on it should be your call! Use humor or hymns, the choice is all yours. And if you're in the market for a calligrapher may we (kindly but, also seriously) suggest Stephanie over at Ellie + Ace. She's a member of The Coterie family and does amazing work!





You know what day it is? That's right! Hump day! Welcome back and we hope you're ready for some out-of-the-box inspiration!

With the lush garden style becoming such a prominent trend this wedding season, brides and their planning helpers (whoever that might be) have begun to look for new and interesting ways to make their wedding stand out! With that search..... we have found marble. No, not the marble countertops in your kitchen, but marble cakes, marble invitations and so much more! 

Marble wedding cakes are probably the more popular of the marble trends, because they can come in so many different colors! You can keep it neutral with the traditional white and grey, or spice it up with an accent color from your wedding swatch! 

Photo |  Pinterest

Photo | Pinterest

A marble and gold foil wedding invitation is an elegant and different way to introduce marble into your wedding style. We love this invite, it's timeless and while it is a popular trend currently, you won't regret using a marble background for you invitations 10 years from now!

Photo | Etsy Shop  instanttrends

Photo | Etsy Shop instanttrends

You could try adding greenery to the top of this sign to add some flare, or leave it how it is! We love it both ways! We haven't seen a sign like this yet, so it is something that would stand out to your guests!

Photo |  Nick Radford

Photo | Nick Radford

Your table numbers are another easy way to incorporate marble into your special day! They're a light and non-overbearing feature that helps tie all your marble aspect together. Whether it's blocks of marble like this photo (which is so cool!!) or marble prints, both options are stunning in their own design. 

Marble is such a fun aspect to consider for your wedding! So many color options, and no two marble decor pieces should be the exact same! It's a win-win... variety and uniqueness! And that's something we love here at Celebrate Colorfully! We hope you have an awesome hump day and rest of the week! Adios friends! :) 


As our new interns start, we say farewell [not really tho] to Andersen + Jillian. These two kind hearted and talented ladies helped rock a hot + busy summer season and have forever joined the ranks of the #ccgirlgang XOXO we'll miss you girls!