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Oak Cliff Wedding Market Vendor Interview: Hey Suga!

On September 19th, we got the privilege to attend the first annual Oak Cliff Wedding Market, held at Jefferson Tower Events. It showcased 15 incredible, local vendors and we got the pleasure of interviewing a few of them to introduce to you!

First up! Meet Kenny Hibbler, the super-talented owner and friendly face behind Hey Suga! a company from Irving, Texas that aims to provide high quality cuisine and desserts that match your whimsy or grandest of ideas. His desserts taste just as incredible and decadent as they look. Hey Suga! is the perfect company to create the wedding cake of your dreams. We got a chance to chat with him and showcase some of his work, see what he has to say!

Picture by:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Picture by: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

 1. With 5 words (or a 5 word sentence) describe your company. 

Hey Suga! Delectable desserts for ANY occasion! 

 2. What are some non-traditional ideas for a wedding cake?

One of the most popular non traditional ideas is having a duo cake, a multi-tiered cake with half being designed for the bride and half being designed for the groom.  Also, multiple smaller cakes and an array of treats for a dessert buffet has become increasingly more popular. As cake artists pioneer new and unique design elements the cakes continue to awe. No longer are the off-white buttercream cakes adorned in piping and supported by plastic dowels/plates the standard. 

Photo By:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Photo By: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

3. Any tips for a creative couple on figuring out what kind of cake to get for their wedding

My advice to both the bride and groom (esp. the bride) is to have EXACTLY what they want.  A great cake artist will do his/her best to provide what the bride wishes, as it is HER special day.  The grooms also don't have to settle for a plain old cake. He can feel free to express his own personality and character in cake form! 

Photo By:  Hey Suga!  at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

Photo By: Hey Suga! at The Oak Cliff Wedding Market

4. What is your favorite Dallas hangout?

My favorite Dallas hangout happens to be my own home or the home of my great friends, who are all amazing cooks and hosts. As I'm usually incredibly busy with cakes and other work obligations, my free time is reserved for actual comfort and relaxation with my favorite persons. 

Photo By:  Hey Suga! 

Photo By: Hey Suga! 

We had a blast interviewing this local dessert artist, Kenny Hibbler. His desserts are absolutely brilliant and we know that he would be an awesome vendor to work with. We look forward to seeing what creations he comes up with next at your wedding!

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Instagram: Heysugaphotos

Facebook: Hey Suga!