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Uh...hello, it's 2016 so that means it's totally normal for couples to go ring shopping together. I mean, it's YOUR finger and you'll be the one wearing it for life, right? But we also understand how romantic it is to be completely surprised with your fiancee's choice. Either way, ring shopping can be stressful and overwhelming for both of you with all the different options. Gold vs. Silver? Diamond vs. Gem? Simple vs. Glamorous? We're making it easy and listing the top 5 engagement rings out there! 

1. Classic
You can't ever go wrong with the simplicity of a clossic solitaire enegagment ring. This stunning luminous ring is from our very own bride, Jamie from Jamie + Blake!

2. Rose Gold
Stand aside rose gold iPhones, make way for this increasingly popular and lovely pink hue that will surely make your ring stand out among the crowd.

3. Opal
Are you on the hunt for an engagement ring with something other than a diamond? More and more couples are option out of diamond engagement rings and choosing opal instead. Not only is this precious gem a romantic and timeless beauty, it's also mesmerizing to look at. 

Ring |  Studio 1040

4. Something Blue
While exploring your options outside of diamonds, one could easily fall head over heels in love with a Sapphire engagement ring. 

5. Halo
A halo engagement ring can change the look of the ring completely! A single halo can give you a simple yet romantic look or if you prefer, the double halo takes the ring to all new levels of dazzling.

So now that we've cut the overwhelming number of options down for you and provided you with a little inspiration, it's time to drop a hint! Screenshot your favorite photos from above and 'subtly' send it to your significant other. 

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