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In the words of Leslie Knope, “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?”

One of the trends we’ve been seeing and loving lately and is breakfast food at weddings. Especially since holding your wedding in the earlier hours can save you money! Plus, there is just something so charming and comforting about a hearty breakfast between friends and family. See some of our favorite breakfast-inspired wedding menus below!

Why, yes. I would love a slice of pancake cake! Put a stack of flap jacks on a cake stand, decorate with fruit and you have a gorgeous dessert!

Donut Display via  How Does She

Donut Display via How Does She

I’ve been personally trying to figure out how to incorporate this DIY Donut Display into my regular life but, alas, I have no reason to showcase dozens of delicious donuts for my regular morning routine. At an AM wedding though? I’m all over that!

Waffle & Pancake Bar via  Weddings in Winnepeg

Waffle & Pancake Bar via Weddings in Winnepeg

I love the idea of giving guests a choice of pancakes or waffles. I could even see teams starting to form (and maybe even a hashtag? #breakfastbattles). Plus, the berry baskets full of fruit offer an easy way for guests to customize their plates.

Cereal & Candy Display via  Savannah Smiled

Cereal & Candy Display via Savannah Smiled

This display is one of my favorites, and it’s not just because Ms. Savannah is a really amazing friend of mine. Her wedding had lots of breakfast themed elements including catering straight off the Whataburger breakfast menu! She even DIY’d those coffee pot candy jars! The girl has skills.

What do you think of the breakfast wedding trend?  We think it’s A+ all around!