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Happy hump day! It’s time to show some appreciation to one of our most loved vendors. Meet the #GirlBoss behind Whisk Until Sweet, Heather! She's a native Texan with a major sweet tooth! Heather's style is modern, simple, and elegant. All of her beautiful cakes feature fresh and tasty flavors. The intricacies in the flavors are so delightful they forever leave a remembered taste in your mouth! 


1. Five words or a five word sentence that would describe you or your company best? 

Edgy, Refined, Creative, Whimsical, Rustic. 

2. What was the inspiration behind the name "Whisk until Sweet"? So catchy!  

The name "Whisk until Sweet" was inspired by a simple line in a cookbook. I knew I wanted my company name to be simple but to the effect of whisk, stir, mix, etc. So when I saw it, it was perfect!


3. What fueled your passion towards entrepreneurship?

I was working in the marking industry prior to Whisk until Sweet. That environment didn't allow me to be creative and I felt that I was always stepping on others toes. It was a very dictated industry. That's when I saved my money, attended culinary school in Canada, and started Whisk until Sweet in 2011 by myself. Fast forward 5 years... I enjoy being my own boss! It's very fulfilling and flexible. Being my own boss is also pretty cool. I can be creative without stepping on others toes and enjoy what I do, I love it!


4. What was or has been your favorite project thus far?

I did a photo shoot with Grit + Gold at Brik in Fort Wort. I love it because it was rustic, free reign, and actually focused on the cake; which is a rare occasion. Being creative and given free reign of what I wanted to do as a #CakeBoss really paid off, allowing me to really show who I am. Hard work pays off!

Styled shoot at  Brik  with  Grit + Gold

Styled shoot at Brik with Grit + Gold

5. What would be your dream project or client, if you had the choice? 

Wow! That's a hard one... I would definitely choose my Grandma. She instilled the love of baking in me! She passed when I was 10 years old. She was a cookie girl! I would bake her either snicker doodle or chocolate chip cookies. Not only was my Grandma amazing but so was her baking.

Photo |  A Sea of Love

6. What is the next big step for Whisk until Sweet? 

First and foremost, I am so thankful for my 1st year being completely booked! I'm just going with the flow for now. One long term goal would be to have a shop in Dallas, but maybe not until the next five years. 


7. What would be your advice for anyone interested in becoming their own boss? 

My best advice would be to stick to a routine. It sounds simple but it really isn't. When it's only you, it's much harder making a living. Five business goals and two personal goals a day helps keep me focused. Goals in which of what needs to happen. I also would suggest finding a community or professional group of friends. My profession and working for myself can sometimes be isolating. Any outlet is refreshing!

Thanks so much for telling us your story Heather! We're so incredibly excited to be working with Heather again for our wedding this weekend! 

Most Photos Courtesy of Whisk until Sweet


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