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Why You'll Want a Day-Of Coordinator


Why You'll Want a Day-Of Coordinator

Photography //  Matt McElligot

Photography // Matt McElligot

Most people believe that there are only two options when it comes to planning a wedding; do-it-yourself or hire a full time planner. All you really need to pull off a flawless wedding is a Day-of Coordinator! The common misconception about Day-of Coordinators is that we're only there for the big day, but most packages include in-person meetings, a venue walk-through, a day-of timeline, vendor confirmations, and rehearsal coordination. Here are a few perks of having a coordinator...

- Smooth Planning Process: We usually have more knowledge when it comes to local vendors and how to get the best price. If you're struggling to find a photographer or DJ, your coordinator is happy to give you suggestions or even help you book one.

- Point of Contact: On your big day the last thing you want is every vendor popping their head into the bridal suite to ask you questions. Wouldn't you rather be spending your time sipping champagne and laughing with your girls than rushing around the venue making sure everything is how you envisioned? A coordinator has spent time getting to know you and your tastes and can make judgment calls without constantly interrupting your celebration. 

- Doubles as a Decorator: Day-of coordination is not limited to the party; we'll arrive as early as the venue allows and begin the set up process. This comes in very handy for DIY brides who have personal touches that need to be set up and no time to decorate. From picture frames and photo backdrops to napkin folds and party favors, your coordinator will handle it all.

- End of the Night: Along with not wishing to spend your whole day decorating, you probably don't want to stick around afterwards to clean up. You'd hate to ask family or friends so why not have a coordinator do it! We've already been in contact with your vendors so we know which vases are yours and which ones belong to the florist. We're always the last ones out the door.

If anything, a day-of coordinator will bring you peace of mind during a busy time. You've spent months and thousands of dollars preparing for this day; let us handle the nitty-gritty.

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