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Happy Wednesday! 

Entertainment for your wedding is a must and a crucial part to making your magic night even more memorable which is why we are introducing you to Sean Lee of Masters of Ceremony Entertainment & Lighting today! Not only does he provide some awesome tunes to get your guests out of their seats and onto their feet but he has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and is based in the DFW area! We recently teamed up with him for our couple, Celina + James, wedding! Check out what he has to say! 

What are 5 words (or a 5 word sentence) that would describe your services the best?

        Interactive, organized, personalized, unique & memorable 

How long have you been DJ/Emcee-ing? What got you into the game?

        27 years I started as a DJ when I was 15 in 1988. I was in the drumline in school which makes me a music lover. Becoming a DJ was a no brainer! 

What’s your advice for the couple who’s number one priority is having a fun wedding?

        Choose wisely! There are tons of DJs out there in the market and it is their job to find the right match for what they want and for their personalities. For a wedding, finding a professional MC that is a good DJ is more important than finding an amazing DJ that knows how to make announcements. A true MC that involves all of the guests in the fun is what will make a wedding fun and not just music. 

Spill your favorite wedding jam!

        My personal favorite (since I'm originally from Southern California) is This I How We Do It by Montel Jordan. The band nerd in me still loves slipping in something from Grease though! 

You haven’t been in Texas long! What’s your favorite Dallas hangout so far?

         Well...this question made me feel old! I don't really "hang out" anywhere. I'm a husband and a father and I serve at church. There really isn't a whole lot of time after all of that and doing weddings and events on the weekends to hang out. I love to eat, so I'll just give you my favorite place to eat since moving to Texas. I love Hutchin's BBQ in McKinney! 

For more inquiries:

Sean Lee

Masters of Ceremony Entertainment & Lighting Website


Los Angeles: 661-476-5658

Dallas/Fort Worth:214-412-2720