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Updated Colors for an Autumn Wedding


Updated Colors for an Autumn Wedding

Deciding on color combinations can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding.

We love bright and cheerful, spring or summer colors accented throughout a wedding because it takes this already joy-filled event up a notch. However, as we enter into the fall season, color schemes change to jewel tones which tend to make the wedding a bit darker. If you want a crisp, fall wedding but still want some of those cheery pops of color, fear not! We have some new ways to extend those fun colors that we love so much, into this new season with some unique combinations of color schemes! 

image via  Artfully Wed

image via Artfully Wed

First up, is a combination that allows you to bring in that bright pop of fuchsia! It is a surprisingly flexible color that transitions well into just about every season. If you are totally set on having those bright pink bridesmaid dresses or floral centerpieces but are worried about bringing it into a fall wedding, all you have to do is just add some wine and chocolate-colored accents. This palette does not let you escape the jewel tones but it does brighten them up a lot with that gorgeous shade of pink! This pairing makes for a perfect and unique color scheme to use in your fall wedding!

image via  100 Layer Cake

image via 100 Layer Cake

The key to this color combo is choosing bright colors but opting for slightly darker shades. Anchoring this palette is a perfect, crisp, Autumn red and a darker shade of yellow. Yellow is a perfect transition color for fall since it is such a happy color and still radiates that feeling from its darker shades. We love a good pop of coral but in this scheme, the coral charm is a shade darker than its usual bubble-gum brightness. The poppy orange is actually the perfect mixture of red and orange to mesh well with its surrounding colors. This pallete is super pleasing to the eye and will be sure to bring some extra brightness into your fall wedding. 

Pastels in Fall? That's right! We totally love this combination because it brings beautiful, Spring colors perfectly into the Autumn season. Like the previous color scheme, we are again, anchoring this one with a cranberry color. However, this time, we are adding in elements of purple and cream. The darker shades of cranberry and lavender tone down the light, lilac color and the cream shade helps balance all three of them out.  I know what you are thinking... This is a completely surprising mixture of colors! It is definitely the most unique out of the three but it would look absolutely beautiful for your outdoor Texas wedding!

We are totally inspired by these unique color combos and hope you are too!