Happy Wednesday friends!! We're back this week with another from our MOST LOVED series because we seriously can't stop bragging about our friends!! Have you been swooning over those stunning Pinterest images of perfect beach waves and intricate braid work? STOP LOOKING! I have found your girl!

Macey Burns, owner of Styling by Macey, is a hair artist and braid magician. She specializes in natural, undone, textured styles - "the messier and more greenery the better!" And you know the girls at Celebrate Dallas are all about that! Get to know her and her jaw dropping style in our MOST LOVED vendor highlight this week! 

We're so excited to welcome Macey as the newest member of The Coterie!


1. What are five words (or a 5 word sentence) that would describe you and/or your company the best?
Romantic. Undone. Effortless. Braids. Natural.


2. How’d you get into the hair styling game?
I actually started hair school when I was 16 years old. After working in a full-service salon for many years I realized I loved the styling part the most.  I’ve always been fascinated by how much someone can change their appearance just from their hair.


3. How should a bride decide what look she wants?
Choose something you know you will feel comfortable in. If you do not like your hair up and away from your face in everyday life, chances are you will probably not like it on your wedding day.


4. Have any tips for keeping the “getting ready” process stress-free on the wedding day?
Have your bridesmaids look at styles ahead of time instead of the morning of, and make a timeline for their hair/makeup services.


5. What is your favorite local hangout?
People’s Last Stand in Dallas! I love the atmosphere, as well as their Devil’s Advocate.


PHOTOS | provided by Styling by Macey