Of course, we adore the pretty little details and a good dance party, but our obsession goes a little beyond that. We love the logistics that make an event run smoothly. We love the high of seeing a party that has been months (maybe years) in the making finally come together. And most importantly, we love the idea of two people deciding on forever. Yeah, we're totally down with that.

We are also of the belief that you only need three things to have a wedding: a loving partner, an officiant, and some special people to witness. That. is. it. Once you've got those, everything else is just icing on the cake. (If you even want a cake! Personally, we'd never turn down a wedding pie or donut!)

We're not out to sell you a bunch of junk you don't need or push our style down your throat. We will be your biggest advocates, your sounding board, and your first line of defense against any stress and craziness. Because you deserve to be fully present on your wedding day.

Basically, our aim is to help you throw a kick-ass party that feels like you and have fun in the process.




founder + lead designer

Megan is a girl with a pretty serious party (and flower!) obsession. She studied Hospitality Management at the University of North Texas and spent her college years exploring various facets of the event industry including event coordination and dessert catering.

Celebrate Dallas is her love letter to every couple out there craving a simple wedding planning process with plenty of laughs along the way.

When she's not playing with flowers or updating her youtube channel, you can probably find her on the couch with her math-teacher husband and pups watching Parks & Rec or The Office.



owner + lead coordinator

Born in California but calling Dallas her “forever home", Caitlin has a unique imagination and creative style that she utilizes to help her couples create their own beautiful weddings together. As a successful event planner, she has designed + coordinated numerous events and weddings with a variety of vibrant designs.

She currently has 3 cats but desperately wants a puppy (or maybe another kitten) and almost exclusively drinks Dr. Pepper. If she’s not making lists or responding to emails, you can find her in Deep Ellum with friends sipping on a hard cider or catching the newest movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.